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Challenging Tasks

Our Clients trust us with the heart of their operations - their growth. Tasks are never easy. We require excellence, and will help you reach it.

Paid Parental Leave

If you have a newborn or have adopted a child, we provide 16 weeks of fully paid parental leave. The prerequisite is that you’ve been a part of ReadyScale for 12+ months.

Flexible Hours

Our mission is to get the job done, on time, every time. How we get to the results is a matter of micro-management, which is not in our company DNA.

Yearly Bonuses

Everyone is unique, while we still follow the same goals that we establish together. Since we are used to reaching our targets, company-wide bonuses are a regular part of our modus operandi.

Work and Travel

Life at work is important, but so is your life outside of work. We want our people to be healthy, travel, explore, and have the financials in place for a high quality of life.

Competitive Salary

Majority of our team is based in Croatia, while we are expanding internationally. Wherever you are, our Management team will ensure you earn an above average salary and enjoy further benefits.


Senior Sales Manager

  • Zagreb, CRO / Remote
  • Application Deadline: Ongoing
  • Full-time
  • Key Tasks
    ● Cultivating solid relationships with major customers to ensure a continuous flow of sales revenue.
    ● Ensuring that all sales administration and customer service activities run smoothly.
    ● Providing overall guidance to newly-recruited Sales Representatives.
    ● Analyzing sales metrics to determine whether current sales strategies are effective.

Sales Development Representative

  • Zagreb, CRO / Remote
  • Application Deadline: Ongoing
  • Full-time
  • ● Developing sales strategies to draw in potential buyers or to solicit new potential customers.
    ● Initiating contact with potential customers.
    ● Creating relationships with customers to identify their potential needs and qualify their interests.
    ● Moving solid leads through the marketing funnel, and arranging meetings.

Senior Data Scientist

  • Zagreb, CRO / Remote
  • Application Deadline: Ongoing
  • Full-time
  • ● Collecting and cleaning data from various entities for later use by junior data scientists.
    ● Cross-validating models to ensure their generalizability.
    ● Producing and disseminating non-technical reports that detail the successes and limitations of each project.
    ● Suggesting ways in which insights obtained might be used to inform business strategies.

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